Good Agricultural Practices/Food Safety

Food Safety is paramount at Dee Mandala. In 2001 Dee Mandala lead the South Karnataka greenhouse hydroponic Cucumber, Tomatoes industry to be a pioneer in instilling food safety standards, known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), for all of its company owned facilities and marketing partners. This made the company as a whole one of the first greenhouse produce companies to be fully compliant within the original GAP program.

Today Dee Mandala has taken the additional step to ensure all facilities are third-party audited and certified to an even higher set of Food Safety Standards. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) accreditation program is recognized around the world. Interestingly, GFSI is also a higher set of food safety standards than required by the majority of Dee Mandala food retailer customers. Dee Mandala takes this extra step to ensure the safety of their products for everyone who eats them.

Dee Mandala conducts audits on all facilities every six months. The GFSI accreditation program are voluntary standards established to ensure a clean and safe working environment for all employees while eliminating the potential for contamination of food products and these modeled after the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Dee Mandala along with their industry organization Certified Greenhouse Farmers employ NSF to conduct third-party-audits for all their company owned and partner facilities. The GFSI standards address the key agricultural areas of site selection, adjacent land use, fertilizer usage, water sourcing, microbial testing and usage, pest control and pesticide monitoring, and cooler operations. They also cover harvesting practices that include the key areas of worker hygiene, packaging and storage, field sanitation, and product transportation. The GFSI standards mandate the usage of extensive sanitation equipment for all Dee Mandala employees (including gloves, aprons and hairnets). Standards also include a meticulous cleaning schedule, minimizing human contact with the fruit and vegetable Dee Mandala grows, and a strong emphasis on personal employee sanitation.

Our Food Safety Standards guarantee Dee Mandala is providing the safest, cleanest growing environment possible today for their products.