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Dee Mandala - Unfolding a dream to create a simple style of living - days not too distant in the past, when the air was cleaner, living not so congested, trees, streams & lakes all around, birds chirping away, morning walks to the village - simple living, uncomplicated, peaceful, healthy in mind and body. Yet we crave the comforts of modern life - a club house to spend the evening, may be a golf course, a market place to shop for fresh farm produce and vineyards to taste wine.

DEEMandala Farm

DEEMandala project is located amidst vast land of 4000 acres with sublime nature, unsullied by either noise or air pollution. The project location is swathed in Greenery, full of tree and plant life. Variety of eco-friendly agricultural projects and activities successfully accomplished which include Horticulture, Floriculture, Viticulture, Aquaculture and Herbal / Medicinal plants, Moringa Cultivation, Organic Fertilizer, Dairy farming, Retail Outlets & E-com Portal, Vegetable & Medicinal Plant Nursery, Agri Tourism
DEEMandala leads the industry as premier grower and marketer in India of branded, finest quality, Green House/Poly House grown Vegetables & produce under controlled conditions. At DeeMandala, we strive to exceed customer expectations through our unparalleled commitment to quality produce, remarkable food safety standards, globally accepted good agricultural practices (GAP) and sustainable growing techniques utilizing leading edge environmental stewardship principles. Our Hi-Tech growing methods produce vegetables 365 days a year that are healthier for people and the planet. At DeeMandala, we know what is good for nature is good for business.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead the industry as the premier grower and marketer of branded, premium quality, Green House & Open Culture grown fresh produce in India. We constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectation through unparalleled commitment to quality produce and sustainable growing practices.

Our Vision

Our Vision is steadfast in sustainability and quality, we strive to combine nature's best with advanced technical know-how to grow produce that bursts with old-fashioned taste and respects 21st century environmental principles. Every DeeMandala employee shares this determination and is relentless in the pursuit of providing the safest produce possible without damaging our precious environment.
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed dated 7th December 2011 under the Bounteous Karnataka (BK) initiative of Government of Karnataka (GOK) for the Hi- Tech Project to establish “ Horticulture/ Floriculture/ Viticulture (Vineyard) Wine/ Dairy & Poultry” projects with an investment of Rs. 246.00 Crore with an expansion of 450Acres of Green House/ Poly House with an additional 50Acres of land for processing, generating employment to about 3946 persons. Project has been cleared by Government, under the State High Level Clearance Committee (SHLCC) held on 4th March 2014.
Fresh MOU with GOK will be signed with an investment of 7,50,000 Crores with an expansion of 15000 Acres of Green House/ Poly House & 15 mn Acres of Open Culture generating employment to about 15 Mn persons spread over 30 Districts of Karnataka.

Current Scenario

  • ✔ Already a largest and leading grower and high‐quality hydroponics greenhouse produce in India.
  • ✔ Hi‐Tech Agriculture pilot project with 50 Acres of land.
  • ✔ The crops presently grown are, all Vegetables, Exotic, Fruits & Herbs.
  • ✔ The current business (under the Sponsor and family name) is already the largest greenhouse hydroponics production setup in India with over 50 Acres of greenhouse already under cultivation producing high value products like European cucumber, European salad tomato, bell pepper & all Vegtables.
  • ✔ Reported sales of Rs 280 million (US$ 4.2mn) during year ending March 31, 2016 from 50 Acres
  • ✔ Sponsor has made significant capital and R&D investments over last 15 years and has demonstrated successful implementation of hi-tech agriculture
  • ✔ Sells vegetables under own brand “DEEMandala” to both organized retail, e-commerce as well as unorganized vendors
  • ✔ The Sponsor is a noted environmentalist honored by the President of India as well as on several occasions by the Government of Karnataka
  • ✔ Entire land parcel is already in possession of the Sponsor.

Salient Features and Socio-economic benefit of the project

  • ▪ Economic benefit to the farmers and Agri entrepreneur
  • ▪ Vegetables supply potentials to urban clusters
  • ▪ Employment generation opportunity
  • ▪ Other merits – Barren land, soil less production,
  • ▪ 100% Rain water Harvesting
  • ▪ Farming with Organic Fertilizers
  • ▪ Solar Power

Advantages of Green house/ Poly House grown vegetables from Dee Mandala Farm

Dee Mandala simplifies your buying process by being a one-stop shop for all vegetables & fruits.

  • ✔ Buy with confidence in the supply chain; DeeMandala supplies Greenhouse produce 365 days a year from our regional distribution facilities. You’ll never have a problem with sourcing “out of season” because DeeMandala’ season is year-round.
  • ✔ Dee Mandala’ indoor greenhouses protect our produce from the bad weather, disease, and pests that cause bruised fruit, supply shortages and wild price fluctuations.

Therefore, DeeMandala produce is reliably high-quality and always available at a stable price point, two key consumer demands. This high-quality produce is attractively packaged and Dee Mandala branded, which appeals to consumers and entices them to buy.


All Vegetables & Fruits, Herbs.

DEEMandala Tourism

“Agri tourism” or farm tourism is a holiday concept of visiting our working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operations for the purpose of infotainment, education or active involvement in the activities of the farm
Health Tourism and Ecotourism is entirely a new approach in tourism. We have medicinal and herbal plants grown in our project, the same will be used to extract products for Ayurvedic treatment and also supplement to Allopathic.

Promoter Experience

Mastered the Greenhouse techniques, developed hydroponic most suitable to Indian conditions, Strong technical team in place.
High‐Tech Agribusiness is a project built by Mr. R. Mahadev Gowda, a highly successful businessman in the field of Horticulture and Floriculture. He has developed and trained skilled and semi‐skilled staff in the greenhouse, poly house and hydroponics crop cultivation. In the last one year he has been build an energetic and professional team with an aim to build the required governance structure to be able to scale up. The aim of the current project is to carry out intensive and high turnover production, on a large area of farmland, while providing work to thousands of local men and women and leadership experience in agribusiness to professionals. The project is a combination of cutting edge, high quality, and efficient vegetable production process, committed to the improvement of taste of vegetables, excellent quality and nutritional value. The agribusiness company will also provide education, experience and research in the field of hydroponics. It has the experience and extensive knowledge of well‐known agri grower as leading consultant. This project will supply regular and exotic vegetables for the local, national and eventually to international markets.

• Sponsor of Project Green has been involved in Agriculture & horticulture since 1991 and greenhouse agriculture since last 15 years
• Sponsor has fine-tuned the greenhouse cultivation over last 15 years at his own cost
• Has developed the original natural lake to 10 times in size today.
• Developed unique rain water harvesting infrastructure across entire land parcel
• Developed hydroponic techniques : Hydroponic is a method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrients in an inert medium like perlite, gravel, biochar, mineral wool, expanded clay pebbles or coconut husk. Mr. Gowda has developed unique hydroponic techniques which helped improve the yield significantly while controlling the infection and other problems associated with soil. This further enhanced the yields of the high yield imported seeds, has been able to beat the maximum yield guidance of supplier
• Developed unique rainwater harvesting systems : Developed a network of canals leading to several water bodies. This ensures large quantity of water availability throughout the year while continuously charging the water table. Greenhouses are designed to capture rainwater which is then collected in tanks
• Developed efficient & economical processes : Has been able to significantly reduce capital expenditure for greenhouse setup by training own group of contractors. In-house development and enhancement of drip-irrigation technique resulting in significant water saving. Has facilities for reuse of Hydroponic media after sterilization and mineral treatment
• Developed in-house brand under which he has been selling vegetables to organized retail as well as unorganized vendors.